ONLY $129

Program starts - Monday, September 16th
FREE for current AR-Fit Members*

* 3-month, 6-month or 1-year contract members ONLY. Does not apply to 1-month, personal training or session package members. $129 does not include event ticket.


Train like a Mudder

The AR-Fit Tough Mudder Challenge is designed to push your fitness to another level. By following our Endurance, Strength and Bootcamp classes, you will be ready to take on more than just a mud course. If a Tough Mudder course is your goal, we've got you covered. Athletic Republic will be running a team in the fall*, so join us for an experience like no other.

Not running the race? That shouldn't stop you from training like a Mudder. We've designed a series of fun and challenging full-body workouts to test your limits, both physically and mentally. At the end of the 6-week challenge, you'll be in a better physical place from where you started.

Tough Mudder Challenge

*Tough Mudder Tri-State, Saturday, October 19, 2019

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Every journey starts with a single step. Start yours here, then see how far you can take it. Whether a fun 5K or a 10-mile chance to really push your limits, we’ve got the challenge for you. The Tough Mudder course is engineered so that teamwork isn’t just encouraged; it’s required. With the help of your fellow Mudders, you’ll overcome best-in-class obstacles and adrenaline-packed challenges. You’ll find out what you’re really made of, while having the most fun you’ve had in recent memory.

What you should expect:

  • A decrease in your body fat percentage
  • Increase in lean muscle tissue (making your body look more sculpted)
  • Increased metabolism (to help you burn more fat all day long)
  • Increased sense of well-being (it sure feels great to be on top of life)
  • An abundance of energy (keep you going all day long)
  • Lower bad and increased good cholesterol levels*
  • Decreased risk of heart disease (live much longer overall)*
  • An increase in MENTAL GRIT and the ability to overcome ANY obstacle
  • And most important of all...increased self-confidence

Not to mention the multitude of other benefits that come from being in great shape and feeling good about yourself...

* Based on regular exercise and a healthy diet. We make no claims otherwise.

It's about fitness, not weight loss.

Reaching your fitness goals and maintaining them permanently will take a significant amount of effort and dedication on your part. The master trainers and coaches at Athletic Republic are here to keep you motivated and accountable. We will provide resources like nutritional tips and recipies through our private Facebook group, along with daily check-ins to keep you progressing in your fitness journey.

General requirements

There are not many rules, but in order to be succesful through this fitness challenge, we require a few things from you. While you are NOT required to run the Tough Mudder Tri-State event, you can still train like you are.

  • There are 40 challenge days: Your goal is to come to minimum of 18 classes (3x per week)
  • Give us a LIKE on Facebook and you will be added to our PRIVATE Challenge group
  • Torched your goals and had fun? Leave us a Google, Facebook or Yelp review. 5 stars, of course.

Be honest and track your progress. Sheets will be provided and securly kept at Athletic Republic. The ultimate goal is to have fun, exercise and get ready for Summer.

What do I get for $129?

There is no greater deal out there for the price.

  • UNLIMITED AR-Fit training classes for 6-weeks ($70 savings)
  • Personalized small-group training classes
  • Complete the challenge and you'll be entered to win a 3-Month AR-Fit Membership
  • FREE Tough Mudder team t-shirt
  • Post-challenge party (TBD)
  • Bragging rights to your family and friends

It's even more fun when you train with a partner, so pass this challenge to your fiends. It's FREE to current AR-Fit members with active contracts*, so share the love!

* 3-month, 6-month or 1-year contract members ONLY. Does not apply to 1-month, personal training or session package members.

The Tough Mudder Experience

The strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team. Tough Mudder’s full lineup of team-oriented obstacles guarantees that you’ll cross the finish line with more friends than you started with. Whether it’s through a helping hand or an extra vote of confidence, your fellow Mudders will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you arrive solo or with a team, all you need to come with is the strength to leave your fears in the parking lot and the willingness to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

  • You're never alone. Your fellow Mudders will always be there to lift you up - literally.
  • The best teamwork obstacles engineered to test your strength and help you overcome your fears.
  • From beginners to elite athletes, there's an event for everyone.
  • Surpass your limits. Step out of your comfort zone.

More than just a scale

Weight, body composition and circumference measurements are only a few of the many tools used to gather evidence of your progress. They should not, however, be thought of as the only way to measure success. There are several methods for measuring your progress. Our approach uses simple strategies to help keep you focused but at the same time – avoiding frustration.

Finish the Tough Mudder

Train, compete and complete. It's that simple. Get across that finish line, grab that beer and wear your finisher headband with pride...you've earned it!


Find evidence by taking a trip to your very own closet. Try on a pair of jeans before and after the fitness challenge. Make sure to choose a pair that you aspire to fit into again. Take note on the fit at the waist, butt and thighs. In 6-weeks, your body will transform by reducing the fat with lean muscle.

Body measurements

Other numerical signs of progress. Watch the measurements of your waist, arms, neck and hips change. If you are not losing pounds, are losing inches all over your body as your figure slims down and tones up.

Other numerical indicators include a reduction of blood pressure or cholesterol, BMI, and body fat percentage.

Energy levels

Monitor how eating supportively and regular exercise affects your energy levels. Not only will you be able to work out for longer intervals of time, but daily movements and chores will also become easier. Whether cutting the grass or simply walking up the stairs, these behaviors will come effortlessly.


Most importantly, be conscious of how you feel emotionally. You work hard to reach your goals. Hopefully, the hard work will come with a boost in self-esteem, confidence, and happiness.

Are you beginning to feel more comfortable in your own body? What do you hear others saying to you? What are you saying to yourself?

Scale weight...if you must

Lastly, we have scale weight. See how low on the scale of importance this is? While it is a factor in seeing results it’s definitely not as important as the top 4 factors in how we measure results.

Scale weight is based on a combination of many things like water, food, bowel movements and that time of the month. While it can show us one aspect of seeing results it definitely is not the main factor.