Enter the AR Training Room
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The Athletic Republic Training Room*

  • How much space do I need? Most exercises will fit into a 5'x8' space
  • Do I need weights? We will use household items**, but if you have weights, go for it!
  • Is it Strength, Endurance or Bootcamp? How about a little bit of everything :-)
  • Can I do private online sessions? Yes! Email us to setup your personalized online coaching experience.

*By entering the Athletic Republic training room you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Athletic Republic from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of these sessions.

**Household items to keep handy for every session: Bath or gym towel, water bottle, backpack (with books), a sturdy chair, and anything else you can think of. Remember, if you have weights or equipment you want to use, go for it!

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The Athletic Republic Experience at Home

While the training center is closed, join us for AR-Fit at Home. The LIVE classes are designed by our individual coaches with the culmulative and real-world experience unmatched in the area. We are here to inspire, lead and coach you through your fitness journey, wherever you are. Remember, there's fit and then there's AR-Fit.

Sunday, March 29th

Monday, March 30th

Tuesday, March 31st

Wednesday, April 1st

Thursday, April 2nd

Friday, April 3rd

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Friday, May 1st

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Sunday, May 24th

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Saturday, May 30th

Monday, June 1st

Wednesday, June 3rd

Friday, June 5th

Monday, June 8th

Thursday, June 11th

Friday, June 12th

Sunday, June 21st - Saturday, June 27th

  • No classes on Sunday, June 21st - OFF
  • No online class on Tuesday, June 23rd - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Thursday, June 25th - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Saturday, June 27th - AR-Fit outdoor class (Hedden Park)

Monday, June 22nd

Wednesday, June 24th

Friday, June 26th

Sunday, June 28th - Saturday, July 4th

  • No classes on Sunday, June 28th - OFF
  • No online class on Tuesday, June 30th - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Thursday, July 2nd - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No classes on Saturday, July 4th - Independence Day

Monday, June 29th

Wednesday, July 1st

Friday, July 3rd

Sunday, July 5th - Saturday, July 11th

  • No online class on Sunday, July 5th - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Tuesday, July 7th - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Thursday, July 9th - AR-Fit outdoor class
  • No online class on Saturday, July 11th - AR-Fit outdoor class

Monday, July 6th